Laboratoire d'Ecologie des Hydrosystèmes Naturels et Anthropisés

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Laboratoire d'Ecologie des Hydrosystèmes
Naturels et Anthropisés


Enseignant chercheur : IAPHY
Responsable IAPHY (Impact des Aménagements et des Polluants sur les HYdrosystèmes)
Responsable scientifique : Chimie des polluants, Géophysique infiltrométrie

ENTPE, Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'Etat
Laboratoire d'Ecologie des Hydrosystèmes Naturels et Anthropisés
3, Rue Maurice Audin
F-69518 Vaulx-en-Velin Cedex France

(+33) 04 72 04 70 57 (+33) 04 72 04 77 43

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  • Laurent’s research interests are water and solute transfer through the vadose zone (unsaturated zone in soils). His main research focuses are water infiltration at soil surface; water and pollutant transfer through porous media; coupling hydraulic processes with geochemical interactions pollutants/solid particles; and impacts of preferential flows on both water infiltration and pollutant transfer in the vadose zone. His experimental approaches are conducted at both the macro-scale (batch, column experiments, and in situ water infiltration experiments) and micro-scale (Scanning Electron Microscopy-SEM, X-ray Computer Assisted Tomography - CAT). He also uses numerical and analytical modeling to simulate the experimental results in order to identify the mechanisms responsible for water and solute transfers. In collaboration with the Laboratoire d’études des Transferts en Hydrologie et Environnement (LTHE) and with Dr Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo (LEHNA), he developed the Beerkan Estimation of Soil Transfer Parameters (BEST) method to estimate soil hydraulic properties from water infiltration experiments.

    Research Significant

    Laurent’s research activities deal with: (i) understanding and modeling water infiltration at the surface of soils in both cases of uniform and preferential flows along with designing algorithms for soil hydraulic characterization, (ii) studying the effect of preferential flow on the main physical and geochemical mechanisms responsible for pollutant transfer.

    Water infiltration at surface of homogeneous and heterogeneous soils

    Laurent has established the BEST method to facilitate the determination of both the water retention curve, θ(h), and the hydraulic conductivity curve, K(θ), using water infiltration experiments through a disc source and under null pressure head at surface. BEST appears to be a promising, easy, robust, and inexpensive method to characterize the hydraulic behavior of soil. The BEST algorithm has been adopted by many researchers to characterize soils at the field scale (Fodor et al., 2011; Touma et al., 2011; Bagarello et al., 2011; Yilmaz et al., 2011 -A11; Lassabatere et al., 2010 -A12; Cannavo et al., 2010 -A16), as well as at watersheds scale, (Gonzalez – Sosa et al., 2010 -A15). The BEST derived parameters can be used for the numerical prediction of flow in the unsaturated zone, and were applied to model the effects of sediment settlement on water pounding in infiltration basins (Lassabatere et al., 2010 -A12; Cannavo et al., 2010 -A16), to provide a useful tool in decision framework on the monitoring of infiltration basins.

    BEST is based on the short and long time simplified expansions of the implicit analytical model developed by Haverkamp et al. (1994), which are the basis of most algorithms related to soil hydraulic characterization. This model was obtained through the analytical resolution of Richards equation for the specific case of water infiltration through a disc source at null pressure head and assuming an initial uniform water content profile (Haverkamp et al., 1994; Ross and Smettem, 2000). The application of the analytical model and its related simplified expansions need to be validated against experimental and numerical data as suggested by Ross and Smettem (2000). Through numerical and analytical calculations, Laurent identified that the analytical model could be considered as accurate, provided its related shape parameters were chosen in function to type of soil (Lassabatere et al., 2009 -A10; Lassabatere et al., 2010 -P16). Furthermore, he detailed the validity intervals for the simplified expansions (Lassabatere et al., 2009 -A10); which is valuable regarding the treatment of water infiltration experiments. Latterly, analytical and numerical inverse modeling procedures were compared with regards the hydraulic characterization of a specific material (Yilmaz et al., 2010 -A23).

    In addition, Laurent and his team have studied water infiltration in favorable to preferential flow (heterogeneous soils) conditions using numerical and analytical approach. The main research focus was on a dual permeability model which assumes both fast flow in the fracture subdomain and slow flow in the matrix subdomain, with water and solute exchange between the two subdomains (Gerke and van Genuchten, 1993). The numerical studies suggested that water infiltration at the surface of dual permeability soils was not affected by the water exchange rate between the two subdomains, whereas wetting fronts were significantly affected (Lassabatere et al., 2009 -P14). Typically, water infiltration at surface depends mainly on the soil global conductance rather than properties of each subdomain. On the basis of these findings, a novel analytical model was proposed for water infiltration in dual permeability soils and was applied to determine the influence of the hydraulic parameters of the fracture subdomain and of the hydric conditions (Peyrard et al., 2010 -P15; Lassabatere et al., 2010 - A20). The results showed that the fracture subdomain enhances the most water infiltration when positive pressure is applied at surface. In addition, the fracture saturated hydraulic conductivity is found as the parameter that favors the most water enhancement. Further investigations will focus on the validation of the model using experimental data and on the design of methodologies and algorithms for the hydraulic characterization of heterogeneous materials.

    Impact of preferential flow on solute and colloid transfer

    Laurent and his team have conducted studies on the solute transfer using conventional experimental devices (columns and batch experiments, lysimeters, etc.), microanalysis methods (SEM, microscopy, X-ray CAT) and numerical modeling. Several materials (agricultural soil, sediments, fluvio-glacial deposits) were selected to represent real soils whereas model porous media including Hostun sand, artificial porous gravel and artificial steel macropores were used in order to control the macroporosity geometry. This design aims at determining the link between microstructure (geometry of pores) and transfer properties. The role of macroporosity was investigated in function to the saturation state (saturated versus unsaturated conditions). Last but not least, the stratification of porous media was investigated through the embedment of a lower hydraulic conductivity layer (dry geotextile).

    Briefly, the main results sustain the following assumptions.

    For flow: (i) the macropores enhance flow under water pressure conditions, i.e. saturated conditions (Lamy et al., 2009 -A9, A14), (ii) preferential flow develops within the macropores and a part of the surrounding matrix (Lamy et al., 2009 -A9), (iii) the dual permeability model is not accurate since it does not simulate such a spilling out (Lamy et al., 2009 -A9), (iv) the embedment of the layer cuts off preferential flow pathways and redirects flow to the matrix itself, leading to the homogenization of flow (Lassabatere et al., 2004 -A2, Lamy et al., 2009 -A9).

    For solute transfer: (i) flow homogeneity favors pollutant retention through increasing pollutant access to adsorption / retention sites and contact time, (ii) the stratification of the media improves the retention through homogenizing the flow. These results are validated for most retention mechanisms and pollutants, like heavy metals in a fluvio-glacial deposit (Lassabatere et al., 2004 -A2; Lassabatere et al., 2007 -A6) or in roadside soil (Hanna et al., 2009 -A8), organic acids in hemated coated sand (Hanna et al., 2010 -A13) and colloids in sandy or gravelous porous media (Lamy et al., 2009 -A9; Lamy et al. 2010 - A14).

    Further investigations are being conducted to advantage the description of flow and solute transfer processes at the REV (Reference Elementary Volume) scale. Advanced microanalysis technologies such as SEM or X-ray CAT are conducted to enhance the understanding of preferential flow pathways and geochemical retention mechanisms (Lassabatere et al., 2007, -A6). Particularly, X-ray CAT has recently proved as an efficient tool to examine water and solute flow pathways at the REV scale (Lassabatere et al., 2011 -P21).


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  • Laurent Lassabatere has a PhD degree (2002) at Laval University (Quebec, Canada) and Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) Lyon with a research project “The modification of the transfer of three heavy metals (Zn, Cd and Pb) in a calcareous fluvio-glacial deposit through the use of geotextiles”. He completed a Master Degree (1998) at the University Lyon 1 majoring in Analysis and Modeling Biological System with a research project “The influence on geotextile on biofilm development and the zinc transfer trough a fluvio-glacial deposit” and a Diploma of Civil Engineering at Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat Engineering School (ENTPE). Laurent has worked as a research fellow at the French Institute of Sciences and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR) from 2004 to 2010 prior joining the Laboratoire d’Ecologie des Hydrosystèmes Naturels et Anthropisés (LEHNA) at the ENTPE in September 2010. Laurent is a course coordinator teaching environmental chemistry subjects at ENTPE (120 students) and has supervised 6 MSc students, 4 PhD students and 2 Postdoctoral research fellows.
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